10 Interesting Facts about Nefertiti- Mysterious Queen of Egypt.

You may recognize Nefertiti as a queen of Egypt. However, you may not find much information about her life. In fact, even experienced archaeologists and well-known historians are having a hard time clearing out her mysterious past. Lacking rock solid pieces of evidence make Nefertiti the most mysterious queen ever reined in the lands of Egypt.

I gathered some of the available facts about Nefertiti in order to shape her biography.


  1. Her name “Nefertiti” means “A beautiful woman has come

Apart from her beautiful name, she was in fact considered one of the most beautiful women in Egypt. One source even suggests that she might have gotten a facelift to make her beauty more glorious. Her contoured jawline and neck were accepted as a true sign of beauty, not only in her time but also in our modern time. For instance, nowadays there is a cosmetic procedure called Nefertiti Facelift.

  1. Her parents and origin are unknown.

Nobody knows exactly where she was from. Some historians think that Nefertiti was a daughter of Ay who was the brother of Akhenaten’s mother. Contrary to that theory, some historians link her origins to Mittani (Syria).

  1. She had 6 daughters, and two of them became queens of Egypt.

Tutankhamun’s wife Ankhesenamun was the third daughter of Nefertiti. She served as a queen of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. Strangely, Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun shared the same father, which makes them siblings.

  1. She was given several glorious titles.

Great king’s wife, Great of Praises, Sweet of Love, The Lady of the two lands were some among many of her titles.

  1. The earliest image of the Nefertiti was found in old Theban tombs.

The limestone engravings, which depict Queen Nefertiti and her husband Pharaoh Akhenaten, found in the tombs of Parennefer (royal butler) and Ramose (Vizier). Interestingly, Nefertiti was depicted in many of those images as a powerful leader who is seated next to her husband.

  1. Nefertiti worshipped disc-shaped sun god Aten.

Her husband Akhenaten was known for converting Egyptian religion from polytheism to monotheism. Priests of that time accepted sun (circle) as deity calling it Aton or Aten. During that period, Nefertiti and her husband Akhenaten was seen as the highest priests. And, it was believed that only through them, ordinary people could be connected to God.

  1. She suddenly vanished from records, and her body has never been discovered.

After The Pharaoh Akhenaton’s 12th regnal year, Nefertiti vanishes along with other four princesses. One among them recorded as dead with natural death. However, the fate of Nefertiti and three other princesses still remains in mystery. Some historians suggested that Nefertiti herself separated from Pharaoh and retired to live in Thebes or in Amarna. Some refute that claim saying that she outlived her husband and disguised herself as male to rule Egypt as a next pharaoh (Smenkhkare).

  1. During the Egyptian excavations bust of Nefertiti was discovered.

In 1912, a team lead by German archeologist Ludwig Borchardt discovered sculpture of Nefertiti along with other artifacts that belong to 14th century B.C. After having a permission from local authorities, Borchardt displayed it Egyptian Museum of Berlin. The bust still locates in that museum although Egyptian authorities trying to return it back to its home.

The sculpture was created by famous Egyptian sculptor Thutmose around 1345 B.C. It portrays a beautiful female image despite one missing eye.

  1. Nefertiti’s body has not been found in the Valley of the Kings.

Members of the royal families in Egypt were mummified and placed in the Valley of the Kings. However, for some unknown reasons, Nefertiti’s tomb has not been found in that location. Because of all that uncertainty, historians purpose several theories. One theory suggests that her mummy might be in the hidden chamber next to Tutankhamun’s tomb (her stepson).

  1. There are several movies about Nefertiti.

Namely, some famous ones are:

  1. Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile
  2. Nefertiti Resurrected
  3. Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty
  4. Nefertiti Revealed

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