15 Interesting Facts about Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are medium-to-large size dogs with a strong body. As its name suggests, they have a golden color and dense two-layer coating which keeps them warm outdoors.

Did you know that Golden retrievers were first bred in Scotland in the mid-19th century to retrieve shot waterfowls?

Generally, they are obedient and easy-to-train dogs that can make a good companion for hunters and excellent pets for everybody else.

Now, let’s learn some interesting facts about the golden retrievers.

Golden retrievers are ranked on the 3rd position in the American Kennel Club (AKC) popularity ranking.

This means Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States after Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds (as of 2020).

People like them because they are friendly, nonaggressive, has intelligent eyes, easy to train, and bonds with owners quite easily.

The average height of Golden retrievers is somewhere between 22-24 inches (56-61 cm) and they weigh around 65-75 (29-34 kg) pounds.

Those measurements are based on the male golden retrievers. Females are usually shorter and lighter than males.

More specifically, a female golden retriever is 21.55 -22.5 inches (51-56 cm) in height and 55-65 pounds (25 – 29 kg) in weight on average.

Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks established the Golden Retriever breed.

Dudley Majoribanks / Credit: Wikitree

Marjoribanks became the baron Tweedmouth of Eddington in 1881. He was interested in hunting and sporting dogs. So, he was determined to develop a breed that will be suitable for hunting and rain.

In 1886, he bred a Wavy-coated retriever called Nous to Tweed Water Spaniel named Belle.

The crossbreeding resulted in three yellow wavy-coated puppies named Crocus, Cowslip, and Primrose.

Golden retrievers like water.

They can swim and retrieve shot waterfowls from the water. 

Their long and dense hair repels water as it lays flat against their body once they are exposed to water.

Golden retrievers are good service dogs for disabled people.

Their gentle and obedient behavior makes them a good companion for disabled people. They follow the instructions quite well and they always stay loyal to their owners.

In some cases, golden retrievers are also used as search dogs by police and search-and-rescue dogs by rescuers. Because they have a phenomenal sense of smell.

They get along with everyone quite easily which makes them a bad guard dog.

Golden Retriever with a duck
Golden Retriever with a toy duck / Credit: Pixabay

Golden retrievers are friendly and patient with everyone. They are kind to children as well. Overall, they have trusting behavior.

However, that behavior limits their ability to become a good guard dog. They are good pets but not so good guards.

A golden Retriever called Tucker Budzyn became the YouTube star.

Yes, dogs can be stars not by acting but just being dogs. For example, Tucker Budzyn became a YouTube sensation when his owners started vlogging about the dog’s daily life.

Currently, Tucker has over 2 million YouTube followers. Also, the dog has millions of fans on Instagram and Facebook.   

Female golden retrievers tend to be calmer than males.

Overall, Golden retrievers are not a hyperactive breed. Both males and females are quite calm. However, compared to males, female goldens mature faster.

According to one article, 1-year old female golden retrievers acts like 1 ½ and 2-year males. Compared to other dog breeds, golden retrievers take longer to mature.

So, do not be surprised to see a 3-year old golden retriever acting silly and playfully like a puppy.

Golden Retrievers are susceptible to obesity.

They can become overweight if you do not watch their calorie consumption.

Good quality food, given in moderation, help to preserve their weight and maintain their health.

Also, treats should be given in moderation, and some human foods need to be avoided. To be on the safe side, always consult with your vet about the diet.

Golden retrievers shed their hair quite often. 

Yes, beautiful golden retrievers can leave an ugly hairy mess on your furniture. It is because they have double-coated thick hair which falls twice a year.

Even outside of the heavy shedding season, golden retrievers shed their hair lightly.

Therefore, it is important to brush their hair gently twice a week to remove the dead hair before it ends up on your furniture.

Golden Retrievers are long-distance walkers. 

If you are fond of running, walking, or biking to a long-distance, golden retrievers can accompany you. They have a strong muscled body.

However, If your dog hasn’t been exposed to long-distance walks previously, they need to be exercised lightly at first. 

Especially, overweight golden retrievers may suffer joint and bone pain if they are introduced to hard physical exercise all of a sudden.

Generally, walking your golden retriever daily is highly recommended to keep them physically and mentally fit.

Golden retrievers should be trained between the ages of 7 weeks and 4 months.

Golden Retriever with a ball
Golden Retriever tries to catch a ball /Credit: Pixabay

According to the American Kennel Club, exposing your retrievers to a variety of situations, places, and people in that age frame may help that dog to become a well-mannered adult.

Overall, golden retrievers are easy to train because of their loyal and obedient behavior. 

Puppy training classes and obedience training are ideal to build a strong bond between the retriever and owner.

There is a specific way to trim a golden retriever.

Golden retrievers need to be trimmed and brushed regularly as they shed their hair regularly. Specialists recommend starting the grooming process with a clean and dry dog.

Golden Retriever Club of America shared a step by step guide on how to groom your dog correctly. You may read it here.  

Shorter golden retrievers live longer.

Compared to taller male golden retrievers, shorter males live about 2.2 years longer. Similarly, shorter females live about 1.1 years longer than taller females.

According to studies, neutering golden retrievers before they reach puberty produces taller retrievers.

However, neutering in that age causes serious side effects such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, hemangiosarcoma, and osteosarcoma.

All these negative health conditions reduce the lifespan of a golden retriever.

Golden Retriever lifespan is only 10-12 years but it used to be longer.

Originally, golden retrievers lived about 16-17 years but now their lifespan is getting shorter. The primary causes of their death are lymphoma, bone cancer, blood vessel cancer, and infections.

Scientists vigorously trying to figure out the causes of their shortening lifespan. For instance, the foundation funded a 25-million-dollar project to study the lifespan of golden retrievers. It involved over 3000 dogs.

Unfortunately, the result of the study hasn’t pinpointed the exact causes. 

However, specialists recommend the following procedures to extend golden retrievers’ life: Neutering, limiting their stress, keeping them clean (avoiding toxic exposures), brushing their teeth, giving healthy nutrition and supplements, making them exercise to keep them lean, and taking them to vet for regular checkups.

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