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17 Symbolic Facts About White Roses

White roses are one of the most common and beautiful flowers in the world. 

Apart from their magnificent beauty, they hold cultural, religious, and political importance.

For instance, they symbolize purity, love, innocence, deep respect, and reverence depending on cultures and societies.

To introduce these highly-celebrated flowers in a broader scope, I have collected the following facts:

The native land of roses is considered Persia (modern-day Iran). 

From the East, roses were first brought to Ancient Greece, where they became a symbol of beauty and love, and later to Ancient Rome, where they symbolized bravery and the desire to win.

Many stories are associated with white roses.

For example, white roses have religious significance in India: once a white rose bloomed, it revealed the incredible beauty of Lakshmi to the God Vishnu. 

God was charmed with her and made her his wife. Since then, the rose has been sacred to the Indian people.

White roses are also popular in the Islamic World.

According to stories, the white rose grew in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived. 

Currently, it is considered the flower of heaven in Islam. Therefore, the image of white roses is associated with purity and its scent represents spirituality.  

Some legends tell that when Sultan Mehmet II conquered Istanbul in 1458, he ordered his people to clean Hagia (Aya) Sophia church with rose water before converting it into a mosque. 

People in the middle east sometimes name their daughters Yasna, which means White Rose in Arabic.

White roses, regardless of religions and countries, have always been a symbol of purity and innocence. 

In ancient India, the rose was held in such high esteem that according to the law that existed at that time, anyone who brought it to the king could ask him for anything he wanted.

White roses are also used as ceremonial decorations during weddings as they represent pure intentions and new beginnings. 

There are several varieties of white roses

Vandella Rose
Vandella Rose / Credit: Pixabay

The best one among them is considered Avalanche variety, which is a beauty native to Ecuador. The rose has a large bud which includes 25 stems per bunch. 

The Avalanche variety opens fully creating a breathtaking display. Therefore, it is sometimes known as the Queen of Roses. 

Another well-known variety is Vandella rose. Although it is mainly in white, its buds also display a shade of peachy pink color. 

Chameleon is one of the interesting varieties of white roses.

The chameleon variety is more common in Japan.

As its name suggests, in the morning, the petals of this rose are bright red and in the evening, it turns white.

In legends, white roses are associated with Aphrodite.

Aphrodite was a Greek goddess who was the symbol of beauty, love, passion, and pleasure. 

It was believed that Aphrodite, who came out of the sea, stepped on the shore, turned the seafoam into beautiful white roses. And, every step she took gave birth to fragrant herbs and flowers. 

Since then, a white rose has been a symbol of innocent love and beauty.

Romans believed that white roses symbolize patriotism, loyalty, love, and high morality.

These flowers were depicted on coats of arms and weapons of Roman soldiers.

Roman farmers also benefitted from growing roses. As roses were used for royal ceremonies or to extract its oil for healing, it was a hot commodity at the time.

Every color of roses has symbolical significance so you need to know “flower etiquette” not to embarrass yourself. 

White Roses Facts
Credit: Pixabay

For many centuries, people have tried to understand the “language” of flowers by studying the secret of their symbolism in ancient myths and legends. 

This created a kind of” flower etiquette”, the rules of which help us now correctly determine the choice of colors in a particular case.

In some countries, when a lover gives a flower to his girlfriend or wife, the person tries to say: “You are heavenly and pure” or “you are as perfect as these white roses”.

In Europe, white roses are usually given to unfamiliar people or colleagues. 

There, white is considered a neutral color. However, a person should not give even-numbered flowers. 

In European countries such as Bulgaria, Rumania, and Ukraine, even-numbered roses are given to only dead people.

In Russia, white roses are often given to newlyweds. 

Roses in Russian culture symbolizes youth, innocence, purity of thoughts, transparency of intentions, and sincerity.

White roses are an integral part of wedding celebrations. 

White Roses for Wedding
White Rose Bouquet for Wedding / Credit: Pixabay

It is hard to imagine a wedding without roses. Especially, the white roses play a crucial role.

People make up bouquets for brides, in whose hands these flowers indicate eternal and sublime feelings, love that can overcome years and vast distances.

Snow-white roses have so many meanings.

Depending on the country and society, snow-white roses are associated with concepts such as loyalty, consent, innocence, and sincerity of intent. 

Therefore, these roses are called “flowers of lovers”. In the case of unrequited and devoted love, white buds symbolize sadness.

At the time of the knights, a single white rose given to a girl showed that she was loved.

Probably you have already noticed this in some of the movies that depict medieval life. 

Females felt privileged to receive a single white flower from someone they love. 

Rose is the national flower of the United States, Iran, and England.

White Roses
White Roses / Credit: Pixabay

Many other countries also use roses as ceremonial decorations and value their beauty and outstanding scent. 

An image of a white rose was used as an Emblem during the English civil war.

Between 1455 and 1485, an English civil war known as WAR of the ROSES took place between the two branches of the Plantagenet dynasty for the throne.

The house of Lancaster used the image of a scarlet rose as their emblem, while York used the image of a white rose.

There is a song called white roses

American songwriter and musician Greyson Chance produced a beautiful song called white roses.  

The song is available on YouTube. And, it will be a good idea to end the facts about white roses with relaxing music.

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