20 Facts about Dandelions

In this post, I am providing the 20 most interesting and informative facts about dandelions. We see those flowers quite often. They decorate the nature with their vibrant yellow color and release pleasant odor to the environment. Other than its beauty, what else do you know about dandelions?! If not much, here are the facts about dandelions for you, so you can learn more about them.

  1. The scientific name of the dandelions is Taraxacum.

  2. The word Taraxacum has been derived from the Arabic word “tarakhshaqun” which means a bitter herb.

  3. Dandelions mostly grow in North America and Eurasia.

  4. The word dandelion was derived from a French word “dent de lion” which means tooth of a lion.

  5. All parts of dandelions are edible. You can eat them raw in salads or cook them as desired.

  6. Dandelions open in the morning and close during nights. (a time-lapse video below show a moment of opening and closing of a dandelion)

  7. Once dandelion flowers dry out, their heads turn into white ball-shaped puffballs. When the wind blows tiny “parachutes” into the air and seeds attached to them land surrounding areas.

  8. Asteraceae, which is a widespread flowering plant, is usually mistaken to dandelions. Therefore, they are called “fake dandelions”.

  9. Scientists believe that dandelions appeared about 30 million years ago in Asia.

  10. Dandelions were used in by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs, Romans, and Chinese as a blessed medicine, and sometimes it was thought to hold magical powers.

  11. Dandelions are rich in A, C and D vitamins and hold iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It was used as a natural remedy for liver, kidney, joint, and gallbladder problems.

  12. People make caffeine-free coffee from roasted dandelions roots. It tastes and looks like coffee, but a little sweeter. Here is the recipe.

  13. Dandelions are a crucial food source for bees, moths, butterflies and pollen beetles.

  14. Scientists found a way to extract natural rubber from dandelions. A Chinese company, Linglong Group Co, invested $450 million to develop this project.

  15. Dandelion seeds attached to fluffy strings “parachutes” mostly blown away with wind and land about 10 meters away from its source. However, one in 7000 seeds may travel more than 1 kilometers (0.62 miles).

    Dandelion seeds
    Dandelion seeds are blown away in the wind
  16. Interestingly, dandelions heads can resemble three celestial bodies. When it is flowering in yellow color, it resembles the sun. When the flower turns into a white puffball, it looks like the moon, and its individual seeds look like stars.

  17. Dandelions grow virtually in every part of the United States as long as there is sunshine.

  18. Dandelions can be picked during the spring season for eating. The younger ones are fresher and less bitter. However, it is recommended to pick dandelions from the areas free from pollutants and chemicals.

  19. According to a legend, if a person can blow all the seeds from a dandelion puffball with a single breath, that means that a person is loved by someone he or she loves.facts about dandelions

  20. Dandelions greens (leaves) help to lose weight. Each cup of dandelion greens holds 25 calories. It is also rich in fiber which makes you full faster.

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