Purell is a popular brand in the hand sanitizer market. People all around the world use it and rely on its anti-germ properties.

What else you know about Purell hand sanitizers. If not a lot, then these short facts will give detailed information about this product and its origin.

  1. Purell hand sanitizer is the signature product of GOJO Industries.
  2. Today, the brand is one of the leaders in the hand sanitizing market. Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic solution that is designed to use as an alternative to water and soap.
  3. Jerry and Goldie Lippman built a thriving business that started with the idea of solving a single problem and grew to a huge company with a wide range of products to improve skin hygiene and health.
  4. A survey and analysis of the demand of workers in factories led Jerry to develop the first-ever dispenser, which allowed to reduce the cost of products and significantly expand the market for hand cleaners.
  5. GOJO received a patent for the dispenser in 1952.
  6. In 1988, GOJO invented Purell, an ethyl alcohol-based hand gel that did not contain water. As time will show, this will be the most successful product of the company.
  7. John Nottingham, whose firm Nottingham Spirk helped Gojo develop the brand, logo, and packaging of the gel. Purell was intended for sale to enterprises until it was decided to bring it to the consumer market in 1997.
  8. This is a family business that was founded by a wife and husband in Akron, Ohio, in 1946.
  9. Today, GOJO Industries, in addition to the focus production of cleaners for factories and car service stations, solves the problems of cleaning hands in various areas, including hospitals, schools, restaurants, private hospitals, etc.
  10. GOJO continues to focus on skin hygiene and health, which is based on professional knowledge and the ability to solve complex problems.
  11. Today, GOJO industries has product lines that include a full range of products for skin care and hygiene for professional use in the workplace.
  12. Goldie and Jerry are passed away, but their nephew, Joe Kanfer, runs the company.
  13. In 2018, Marcella, Kanfer’s daughter, took on the role of Executive Chairman in GOJO, leading the company to the third generation of family leadership.
  14. The first major discovery of a non—water and non—soap cleaning agent dates back to 1875 when Leonid Bucholz of the current University of Tartu in Estonia apparently discovered that ethanol, a form of alcohol that has antiseptic properties.
  15. However, because it was found that ethanol is not effective at killing the fungal infections, it took time to gain popularity.
  16. Nevertheless, research continued and in 1911, it was found that 70% ethanol is the most effective dose.
  17. According to the company, Purell hand sanitizers are manufactured in the cities of Wooster and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, as well as in France.
  18. GOJO Industries employs 2,500 employees worldwide.
  19. As the fear of coronavirus spreads, so many people buy Purell that GOJO Industries is ramping up the production of hand sanitizer.
  20. Finding Purell at pharmacies may not be easy at the times of pandemic. However, the company is ramping up the operations to reduce the shortage of Purell.
  21. Purell hand Sanitizers are now sold on Amazon, and some sellers are raising prices higher, taking advantage of the shortage.
  22. To date, Purell hand sanitizer is the № 1 brand most commonly used and trusted in hospitals and has been proven to kill 99.99% of disease-causing microbes.
  23. Purell’s biggest breakthrough came in 2002 when the centers for disease control rewritten its health hygiene guidelines after a series of studies showed that alcohol-based hand cleaning products were more effective at preventing transmission of the pathogen than soap and water for medical professionals.
  24. This business, perhaps, can be considered a success story of a family enterprise that has captured the market and still has no serious competitors.

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