9 Unusual Technologies to Stay Cooler Outdoors During the Summer

Regardless of the heat, summer is one of the nicest seasons. All sorts of birds come out, flowers blossom, everything turns green, and more outdoor activities to do in the summer.

So, we do not want to miss those beautiful moments from our life.

Unfortunately, our planet is going through global warming. According to National Geographic, the past decade was the hottest on record.

Parts of the world experienced severe levels of heat in the past a few summers. Therefore, we need to be better prepared for such conditions.

Thanks to modern technology, we can surely keep ourselves cooler and beat the heat to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

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Not to sweat any longer, let’s see what those unusual technologies are.

1. Umbrellas with a built-in fan.

These creative umbrellas are already in the market and you can purchase one here.

In general, umbrellas not only helpful to stay cooler, but it is crucial to block the harmful impact of heatwaves. 

Although staying under the sun for a short period of time is okay as it helps our body to create D vitamin, doctors recommend against staying under the sun for an extended period.

UV rays can lead to serious health conditions such as reddening of the skin, blisters, eye injuries, lowered immune system, pain, and skin cancer.

To protect our body from scorching hot sun, we should use sunscreen, hat, and umbrella. 

An umbrella with a built-in fan goes one step further: it blocks the sun while cooling down the body.

2. If you are not an umbrella person, you may use umbrella hats.

Umbrella hats are very cool and they can replace two things: an umbrella and hat. 

Some people are not a fan of carrying an umbrella as it can occupy one of the hands. Umbrella hats can address that issue by making the bot hands free. 

The hats are specifically important for the people who are working outside. Just wear it and do your work as usual without having to worry about holding it. 

There are various types of umbrella hats to choose from and there is one even with a vent on top. You may choose your favorite design here.  

3. Cooling Sprays

Cooling sprays are another innovative idea that promises a cooling effect during hot days. The manufacturer states that its cooling effect can last up to 1-2 hours, and it should be sprayed on to the clothing.

To be on the safe side, a person should avoid spraying it directly to face and skin. The science behind this cooling spray technology works as following: Clothing absorbs the content of the spray, and then activates a cooling reaction with the skin cells.

This is a new product. I haven’t used it personally. Thus, before the purchase, make sure you read the reviews about it. 

4. Insulated water bottles.

As you may already know, drinking water protects our body from dehydration. Heat makes us sweat. As a result, water drains out of our system at a much quicker rate.

If we do not compensate our body for the lost water, we will feel the symptoms of dehydration such as headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, dry mouth, darker urine, sleepiness, or tiredness.

Water does not only keep us cool, but it also shields us from harmful health conditions caused by heat. 

That being said, every time you go outside, bring a bottle of cold water and chunk it down to replenish your body and cool yourself down during hot summer days.

However, there is a problem. More you keep your water bottle outside, warmer it gets, making the water inside almost unbearable to drink. Also, it more refreshing to drink colder water since the human body absorbs cold water much quicker.

To avoid that problem, you can get one of these insulated water bottles that can keep water cold for about 20 hours.

5. You can’t carry an air conditioner everywhere you go, but surely you can carry one of these handheld cooler fans.

Have you heard about them yet? If not, you must be staying in sweaty grounds. Because people are already using handheld cooler fans to cool themselves down.

I can’t recommend only one product as there are many of them. Depending on your needs, each comes with different features.

For example, some portable fans only work as a simple fan, while others can defuse cool mist towards you. Almost all of them either battery-powered or hooks up to your mobile device for energy.

You can choose various types of handheld cooler fans here. Personally, I am using one that goes around your neck. It is convenient as it can be used when both hands are busy.  

6. Wining an unpleasant odor is part of the fight against the heat. So, use HeatGear

In other words, during summer, we are not only fighting against high temperatures but also an odor caused by it.

I can imagine that early humans had unpleasant odors since they did not have technology nor hygiene routine to keep themselves fresh. That was normal back then. However, a sweat-induced odor is not accepted as normal in our modern world.

If someone has an unpleasant odor, people automatically think that there must be something wrong with that person. They give a side-eye or even kick you out of a plane because of a bad odor.  

Thanks to technology, the modern world takes the situation one step further. Companies now invented HeatGears which includes shirts, leggings, socks, and even shoes that utilize anti-odor technology.

If you are an active person and want to stay fresh during the hot summer, then you should use these HeatGears. 

However, HeatGear is a costly option. And there are a lot of cheaper alternatives such as wearing lighter and looser 100% cotton clothing.

7. Portable Misting Fans will keep your outdoor patio cooler.

During the summer, some people like to sit on their patios and watch the lively summer days with their bare eyes.

I do not know about others, but for me, my patio is the best place to rest and rejuvenate my thoughts.

Additionally, an outdoor patio is a good spot for bird watching. Just sit on a reclining chair and watch nature in action.

Did you know that birdwatching or being in an environment surrounded by birds can decrease your stress and depression? 

Yes, it is true. Scientists have discovered that bird watching releases mental tensions and helps people to feel more optimistic about the world.  

Although patios are already cooler because of shade, another boost of cool temperature will make the patio more enjoyable. In other words, we need new technology to make our patios cooler.

Portable mist fans can solve that problem. The science behind the Cool Mist Fans is pretty interesting. Firstly, cool water turns into ultra-fine droplets, about 25 microns or less, and the fan propeller pushes them forward, mixing them with the hot air. As a result, a temperature near the fan drops significantly.

Depending on your budget and the area you want to cover, there are several types of Cool Mist Fans out there. So, I can’t offer you a single one that may fit your needs properly. 

Instead, I can recommend the place where you can choose the best outdoor cooling fans. You can select yours here.

8. If you have no patio, you may use Misting Tents.

Misting tents got popularity in recent years. Because it provides shade and cool mist, so you may spend your time better outdoors in summer.

Of course, it is a pricey alternative to patios. However, it offers more flexibility. For instance, you can build it anywhere in your yard. And yes, you can take it camping as well.

Plus, misting tents already come with a built-in mist cooling system. That means you do not have to go through the hustle of trying to build one onto your patio.

9. Wear Fan Jackets to stay cooler.

Fan jackets may sound like a prop from a fantasy movie. However, those jackets really exist and already keeping some construction workers cool during hot days.

Although there are several types of fanned jackets, I found Makita’s cooling jacket more relevant for the purpose. Even if you are not a construction worker, you can still wear one to stay cooler outdoors.

The jackets use 18V batteries and it can circulate airflow to all over the upper body for up to 12 hours.

You may use it in three modes: Low- when it is not that hot, medium- for reasonably hot days, high- for very hot days. Plus, it has a turbo mode, which you can use for optimum air circulation.

These were the unusual technologies to stay cooler outdoors during the summer. If there is anyone you wish to stay cool this summer, please share this post on social media.

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