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Will a 14-lb. Bowling Ball float in the water? – See with your own eyes.

Before watching this experiment, you have to know basic information about bowling balls. Basic Info about Bowling Balls.   If you have ever played bowling, you should know how heavy a bowling ball is. An average adult bawling ball weighs about 14 pounds (7.26 kg). Earlier times, bowling balls were made of Lignum Vitae, which […]

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Jacob Tsiperovich- Person who did not sleep for 35 years.

A resident of the city of Halle (Federal Republic of Germany) Jacob Tsiperovich is one of the most phenomenal people in the world due to its ability not to sleep at all. This history dates back to 1979, when he experienced clinical death, the cause of which was a strong food poisoning. Jacob was in […]

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This how to tie a tie video will teach you how to have perfect tie length

How to tie a tie video to have perfect tie length It is common problem. When we tie a tie, sometimes it is too short or too long. To solve this common problem, watch this how to tie a tie video. It was not that hard after all. This video will teach you how to […]