Daredevil Climbers who climbed the Shanghai Tower

Climbing The Shanghai Tower

Two young men, one from Russia and another one from Ukraine, are gone viral with their unsafe climbing tactics. They have climbed the Shanghai Tower without having a proper permission from authorities. When they reached the highest point they took a selfies to prove their crazy achievement.

Climbing the highest building

high tower climbers

These two daredevils are Vitaly Raskalov and his friend Vadim Makhorov. They are photographers. Their video went viral when they took a video of themselves while climbing to the Shanghai Tower. This may sound not that scary at first, but climbing the Shanghai Tower, without following proper safety procedures, is scary as hell. According to the RT report, Vitaly and Vadim chose this specific building, because, during the Chinese New Year, the construction site was deserted, creating a possibility for Vitaly and Vadim to climb without asking a proper permission from authorities.


According to the report, before starting their climbing journey, they took bedrolls with them. They spend a night in the half of their journey.

Shanghai tower is one of the tallest buildings, which is over 115 stories tall. When Vitaly and Vadim climbed it during the Chinese New Year in 2015, the tower was not completed. The highest point of the building, during that time, was a very end of the construction crane, where climbers took their selfies. It is estimated to be 660 meters (0.41 miles)

Climbing the Shanghai Tower was not the only climbing they have done. They also managed to climb other skyscrapers in Ukraine, Russia, UAE, and the USA.  You can check out their YouTube channel  here:

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