Facts about Kiger Mustangs – Wild Horses of the West

First thing is first, Kiger Mustangs are not the cars built by Ford. Instead, they are beautiful horses that are roaming freely in the state of Oregon.

These are the 10 Facts about Kiger Mustangs that may bring you to a touch of close distance to these free-spirited creatures.

  1. Kiger Mustangs are wild horses that possess a spirit of freedom. Nevertheless, they are the descendants of domesticated horses originally.
  2. Kiger Mustangs first came to the United States with early Spanish explorers during the 17th century.
  3. The mustang herds first developed from the horses that escaped from or released by their owners.
  4. The Kiger Mustangs derived their name from their current location, Kiger Creek, Oregon. That is one of the two places in Oregon where the Bureau of Land Management administers the herds of these horses.
  5. Before their discovery in Beatys Butte area in 1977, experts had thought that the bloodline of the Spanish horses disappeared from feral herds. However, DNA testing confirmed that the Kiger mustangs are indeed the descendants of early Spanish horses.
  6. Their height reaches only 54 to 62 inches (137 -157 cm). In most competition rules, any horse under the 58 inches is considered pony.
  7. In every three to four years, the Kiger mustang herds are rounded up. If a number of horses exceed the limit, some of them are auctioned off to the public, or given for adaption. However, their adaption fees are lot higher comparing with other horses’.
  8. State senator Steve Harper, encouraged by the Kiger Masteno Association, proposed Senate Joint Resolution 10 to make Kiger Mustangs state horse of Oregon. However, the attempt was unsuccessful.
  9. Kiger Mustangs exist only in the state of Oregon. So, if you want to see those horses in their free spirit, you should visit this state.
  10. Their muscled body structure handles endurance riding and pleasure riding very well.

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