Facts about Oklahoma’s Moore Tornado – The costliest F5 tornado of 2013

I personally observed a tornado at the distance of about a half mile away. Though, I still can’t decide whether I was fortunate to see it in real life. But, the moment I saw the nature’s swirling force, I knew for a fact I was lucky that I wasn’t in the path of this destructive power, which blew the rooftops as if they were feathers. However, the one I am talking about happened in Texas in 2012. And, it was a lot smaller than the Moore Tornado of 2013.

10 Facts about Moore Tornado 2013 :

  1. As its name suggests, the Moore Tornado took place in the densely populated area of the Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013.

    Aerial view of the tornado’s destruction
  2. It killed 24 people (+2 indirect deaths) and injured 324 others.
  3. The tornado stayed on the ground 37 minutes (between 2:56 pm CDT – 3:33 pm CDT), and ravaged through 17-mile area with the winds an estimated 210 mph (340 km/h)
  4. It followed roughly similar footprints of even deadlier Bridge Creek – Moore Tornado (also known as May 3rd tornado) of 1999, which caused 36 casualties and 583 injuries.
  5. The Moore tornado of 2013 was the costliest among the Oklahoma tornados that took place since 1950. The cost of the destruction was an estimated $2 billion.
  6. Two elementary schools, Briarwood Elementary School and Plaza Towers Elementary School, were among the buildings that got damaged by the Tornado. As result, a cinder block wall collapsed in Plaza Towers elementary school killing 7 children.

    Plaza Towers Elementary School rescue operation
  7. The tornado hit Celestial Acres horse training area and Orr Family Farm where it reportedly killed 100 horses.
  8. After the incident, the City Council of Moore entered 12 new codes to its residential building requirements for safety measures.
  9. The tornado warning was issued 16 minutes before the formation of the tornado. And, it was categorized as F5 tornado.
  10. The Moore Tornado was the 4th one that hit the city directly within 14 years. For instance, the Moore tornado of 1999 was even more severe. It caused 1 billion dollars in damages and took the lives of 36 people.

    Moore Medical Center damaged by the tornado

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