Isao Machii- The Fastest Samurai of Modern Times

Isao Machii

A Modern Samurai, Isao Machii, was born in 1973 in Japan. When he was a child, Isao’s parents sent him to a martial arts school, because they believed that a real Japanese boy should at least try to become like a samurai.

Samurais were the Japanese warriors of the past, who possessed the weapons perfectly and are able to stand up for themselves and their homeland. Teachers in martial arts school noticed a great talent of this child. After growing up, Isao Machii became the most famous and titled master of Iaido. He is called the fastest samurai of modern times.

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World Records of Isao Machii

Isao Machii is able to cut a plastic bullet flying with the speed of 98.36 mph (158.29 km/h). Yes, he can really do that and not only that, he is also capable of doing many other amazing moves using Japanese Katana. His lightning-fast moves have helped him to secure several spots in the Guinness Book of Records.

On September 19, 2007, he broke the world record by cutting rolled straw mat thousand times He was able to do that during 36 minutes and 4 seconds.

On April 21, 2011, In Milan, Isao Machii broke another record by cutting straw mats 252 times in three minutes. For that show, Isao used Uchigatana sword.

The world record of “The fastest bb pellet cut by a sword is 158.29 km/h (98.36 mph)”. It was also achieved by Isao Machii on June 4, 2013. BB pellet was shot from an air gun. The most amazing part of this whole show was that Isao pulled his blade out of sheath only when bb pellet had been shot.

Isao’s another record was  “Most martial arts katana cuts to one mat (suegiri)” He achieved it  on April 23, 2015.

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