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Jacob Tsiperovich- Person who did not sleep for 35 years.

Person who did not sleep years

A resident of the city of Halle (Federal Republic of Germany) Jacob Tsiperovich is one of the most phenomenal people in the world due to its ability not to sleep at all. This history dates back to 1979, when he experienced clinical death, the cause of which was a strong food poisoning. Jacob was in a state of clinical death, about 1 hour, and given the fact that the cells of the cerebral cortex die after only 3-5 minutes after the heart has stopped, what happened to him goes beyond the reality.

But the most interesting fact of about Jacob Tsiperovich’s life remains that even if he goes without a sleep for several days, he can’t sleep at all. All this was happening to Jacob Tsiperovich for 16 years, during which the man was suffering from insomnia, and his condition cannot be explained by modern medical experts. And only in 1995 the man began to practice yoga and meditation, even with help of relaxation and concentration tactics, Jacob still got to force the entire body to sleep, but his sleep lasted only for 2-3 hours each time.

According to the source, every time Jacob tries to sleep, he hears some clicking sounds and feels drowsy.

Although he did not sleep for years, he does not feel fatigue or urge of sleep. He actually feels healthy and gained some muscle mass.

The most remarkable thing in this incident remains that during all of these years Jacob’s appearance has not changed. In his 54, he looks no more than 30 and that alone makes you wonder.

non aging person


The most important consequence of clinical death was the body temperature, which does not go above 34 degrees. That’s why most experts claim that low temperature in Jacob Tsiperovich body helps him to slow down aging and keeps him healthy.

Currently there is no proven explanation about Jacob Tsiperovich’s untypical life.

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