6 Facts about Jibo – a social robot

Jibo robot is one of the members of the developing robot families. Its inventors suggest that jibo robot will be a friendly and social robot for the household.

What can jibo robot do?

1. According to the official website, jibo has eyes. 

It means that it can see its surrounding with the help of two high-resolution cameras. With the help of these two cameras, it can also recognize faces and track faces to take professional photos. Jibo is also a convenient tool to do video calling.

2. Jibo robot has ears.

It can hear surrounding sounds with its 360-degree microphones. Due to the quality microphones, it can hear from anywhere in a room. Since jibo can hear and recognize spoken words, it can be conveniently operated through voice commands.

3. Jibo has a tongue.

It means it can speak to you. It can be used as an organizer and reminder. For instance, if your phone gets messages or voicemail, it can read them to you. This capability, in my opinion, is very important for the busy people. If your schedule is packed, then you need a reminder and organizer like jibo.

4. Jibo can learn your preferences.

For instance, it may learn the things you like to eat, you like to listen and you like to watch. Jibo has artificial intelligence algorithms.

5. Jibo robot can help.

The main purpose of it is to help people in a social way. As I mentioned above, it can serve as organizer, reminder, camera, communicator, and many more. Therefore, inventors suggest it will make everyday tasks easier and more fun.

6. Unlike many other robots, jibo can relate.

It can express and communicate using natural social and emotive cues.

This is the basic introduction about jibo. Since I do not own one, I collected the information from jibo’s official website and from other sources.

Watch the official video about jibo robots, below.

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