An orphan elephant Kithaka

The Rescue of a baby elephant.

A newborn male calf, Kithaka, was orphaned after his mother left him. According to the report, a baby elephant was left alone when his mother and her herd were chased out of a human settlement. This event happened in the Kenya’s Imenti forest.

Kithaka was found by nearby villagers.

Due to the terrain and dense forest conditions, it was impossible to reunite the baby elephant with his family. So he was airlifted to the Nairobi nursery for the care.

Kithaka was only a week old when all this happened. When he got to the nursery, he was adored by other orphan elephants. Older female elephants accepted him as their own. It is heart touching to see how these huge animals comfort each other in the time of despair.

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Now let’s watch the actual footage of Kithaka’s new life in Nursery.

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