Water trick illusion – Turning the arrow through a glass of water

This water trick is one of the interesting water experiments out there. If you want to show some tricks to your friends, this is definitely the easiest one. THIS IS HOW YOU START: You tell your audience that you are capable of turning the arrows to opposite direction without touching them. I am quite sure […]


Shark vs Octopus: See which one is stronger.

 Shark vs Octopus We already know how dangerous are the sharks. They are seen as one of the aggressive creatures in the water. Even a small provocation can lead them to an attack. There were many reported cases of shark attacks around the world. Because of their sharp teeth, any of their attacks leave humans […]


10 life hacks that might make your life easier

Sometimes simple guidance can turn into the huge support in your life. These 10 life hacks will help you to do things in an easier way. Now let’s watch the 10 Life Hacks that will make your life easier.   I am confident that some of you find this very entertaining, fun and helpful at […]