Shark vs Octopus: See which one is stronger.

 Shark vs Octopus

We already know how dangerous are the sharks. They are seen as one of the aggressive creatures in the water. Even a small provocation can lead them to an attack. There were many reported cases of shark attacks around the world. Because of their sharp teeth, any of their attacks leave humans or anything else in a deadly situation.

For instance, there were 55 recorded shark attacks in the world during the year 2003. That shows how dangerous the sharks are.

In order to compare a shark vs an octopus, we still need some background information about an octopus.

Is an octopus as dangerous as a shark?

An octopus is not as aggressive as a shark, at least towards humans. But it does not mean they are harmless either. Octopuses are equipped with lethal parts to defend themselves from larger creatures. Also, an octopus can bite and inject their poison.

Now, to answer our initial question, let’s watch the National Geographic video which features a shark and an octopus battling each other in an aquarium tank.

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