Nike advertisement video that blew up the Internet – See why it is so popular.


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If you are watching TV, you may know that nowadays companies are competing with each other to create more attractive and more fun advertisement videos. One of those companies is Nike.

Nike Advertisement video, which is known with the title ” The Last Game” is one of the most watched commercials in the YouTube.

This 5 minute Nike commercial became the main hit among the soccer fans around the world. It features the animated versions of the best soccer players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar Júnior, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Andrés Iniesta, David Luiz, Franck Ribéry, Tim Howard and Ronaldo Fenomeno.

When you watch this Nike advertisement, you may possibly forget that it is a commercial, because the creators put special effort to turn the video into a fun and an interesting cartoon.

This Nike Advertisement got over 91 million view in the YouTube.

The main plot of this commercial is to prove that natural soccer players are much better than the scientifically engineered clones.

According to the Nike, “Ronaldo Fenomeno and the original players disagree, and they are willing to risk everything to prove the scientist wrong. There is only one way to know who is right: the Last Game”

Now Let’s Watch “The Last Game” Nike Advertisement video.

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