10 rarest supercars that you may have never seen before.

Here are the 10 rarest supercars that you may have never seen or heard before.

1. ST1

ST1 Car
ST1 from Zenvo truly deserves the title of the supercar. Incredibly stylish design and exorbitant power – what else is needed? Seven-liter V8 engine combines turbo supercharge and at the same time, reaching the transcendent power of 1104 hp. ST1 acceleration reaches to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. Maximum speed – more than 370 km / h. Only 15 copies of the carbon-fiber monster were produced.

2. Roadyacht GTS

RoadYacht GTS
Roadyacht GTS from Savage Rivale – one of the most unique concepts of modern cars. For starters, it is a convertible four-seater, which is already quite unusual. Its doors open upwards, and the entire machine resembles an open flower. Roadyacht GTS is equipped with engine V8 and reaching a top speed of 320 km / h.

3. Renovatio T500

Renovatio T500
Renovatio T500 from Tushek. Slovenian racer, Alesha Carcasses, designed this sports car. It has outstanding looks and powerful features, the car is built from relatively inexpensive parts. Renovatio T500 accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, top speed – 310 km / h. In fact, this is the first sports car that is coming from Slovenia.

4. Orochi

Mitsuoka Orochi is not the latest development, but it is interesting enough to get on the list. Although referred to as Orochi supercar, its specifications are not that high – V6 engine from Toyota, about 233 hp. But the design is a different story. Most pieces of this car are handmade.

5. Spano

Spano of GTA Motor. Although the Spanish company GTA Motor is famous for their technologies for Formula 1 race-cars, few people know about their supercar called Spano. Only 99 copies of the car were released. The body of this car is made of titanium, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. It has a V10 engine with the volume of 8.3 liters and capacity of 820 hp. Spano can accelerate to nearly 350 km / h.

6. Prombron

Prombron from Dartz – the only armored vehicle intended for the civilians. Dartz Motorz located in Latvia and represent themselves as a successor company of Russo-Balt. Datrz Prombron able to withstand explosions of grenades and a shooting with 12.7 mm bullets. Celebrities, such as Sasha Baron Cohen, Xzibit, Marat Safin, are owning one of these bulletproof SUVs.

7. Avanti

Avanti by DC Design – one of the few representatives of Indian supercars. However, unlike other rare cars on the list, DC produces a minimum of 200 copies of Avanti a year and hopes to increase this figure to 2 million if their sales improve.

8. Antas

Antas from Faralli & Mazzanti. The Italian company Faralli & Mazzanti offers an unusual approach to the creation of a car – the buyer is involved in all stages of development, from concept to production. As a result, every produced Antas is different.

9. Concept One

Concept One
Concept One of Rimac Automobili – Croatian sports car, presented by 23-year-old entrepreneur Mate Rimac. He claims to be the first electric supercar in its class. Rimac Automobili had to develop the car from scratch, without a support of the government and the Croatian car industry.

10. Vertigo

Vertigo of Automobiles Gillet – the development of the Belgian racer Tony Gillet. This series of supercars created entirely in order, without departing from the stunning futuristic design. Owners of Vertigo also has exclusive access to the Belgian race track.

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