Unusual turtle was caught in Chu River in China

Unusual turtle found in China.

According to the Chinese newspaper report, Fishermen in China caught an unusual turtle in Chu river. Hoping to make some money, he sold the turtle to the local restaurant owner for 1000 yuan, which is equivalent to $155 USD.

After learning about its age and mysterious pearl like growth on turtle’s shell from turtle expert, restaurant owner decided to release it back to the water.  According to the expert, the turtle is more than a century old. And the mysterious part is that turtle has several pearls like growths on its back. Turtle also has a large size, which is unusual for this species of turtle. Some locals said that pearls on the shell of that turtle similar to the river pearls. But locals did not have the intention to facilitate this creature in a controlled environment to do scientific research. The restaurant owner, who originally bought the turtle to serve for his customers, showed a sympathy to the century-old mysterious turtle.

Turtle, unusual turtle

Soft-shelled turtles are served in Asian restaurants as a delicacy and their meat is believed to improve man’s sexual performance.

According to the article, this unique turtle weighs over 22 pounds and its length about 1.65 ft. Although the restaurant owner did not profit from this turtle, he definitely gained some attention. Locals gathered near the restaurant to see that unusual turtle. The restaurant owner told reporters that he will release the turtle after people had given a chance to see it.

Our nature is amazing. There are still some unusual creatures we still haven’t seen. And, once they appear, these creatures amaze us with their uniqueness. This unusual turtle is definitely one of them.

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