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What is a Copart Enhanced Vehicle and How to Check It?

It is good to have basic automotive knowledge when you are buying a car from Copart. That way you can save yourself from unexpected repair costs later on.

One of the most important things to check on Copart is vehicle drivability. Some Copart vehicles are labeled as “runs and drives” while some got “Enhanced Vehicle” markings.

What does “Enhanced Vehicle” mean in Copart terms and are they worth a try? 

I know these questions are boggling your mind so let me explain them to you in detail.

According to Copart, “Enhanced Vehicles” means that Copart may have done some enhancement services such as vacuuming, washing, and other minor services to maximize the value of the vehicle.

A dirty exterior with a trashy interior does not look good on the pictures and the pictures are the essential component to present cars to potential online buyers. So, Copart cleans their vehicles before placing them up for auction. For instance, insurance companies usually have no time to do it, so they ask Copart to do it.

However, there is no guarantee that Copart has done those enhancement services on those vehicles. Even Copart itself let buyers know that those services might not have taken place.

Here is what Copart says about “Enhanced Vehicles”

Vehicles listed as “Enhanced Vehicles” are those where: (i) the seller has authorized Copart to perform an enhancement service to the vehicle such as a wash and vacuum or protective covering or (ii) the vehicle is under a program that gives Copart discretion to use enhancement services to maximize the value of the vehicle. This designation does not guarantee that any enhancement service was completed but rather indicates that qualifying vehicles would likely be enhanced. It is the Member’s responsibility to inspect and verify the use of enhancement services.

When we sum it up, it simply means that the original owner of an “Enhanced Vehicle” dropped off those cars in one of the Copart yards and authorized Copart to do Enhancement services for them so they could get a higher bid for their vehicle.

But Do the Copart “Enhanced Vehicles” vehicles run and drive?

The simple answer is that they may or may not. There is no guarantee that “Enhanced Vehicles” runs and drives. To avoid the risk of costly mechanical repairs, I recommend checking the vehicle before the auction date.

To check the vehicle, you need to visit the Copart yard and ask for the keys at the front desk so you can listen to the engine. When you know that the car sound right, you will bid on it with confidence and possibly win a great deal. Because you have an advantage over the people who did not check the vehicles.

Some people see the “Enhanced Vehicle” marking and do not place huge bids. On the other hand, you as a person who knows that there is nothing wrong with the car can place bigger bids and get a better deal.

However, checking an enhanced vehicle will be a problem if you are located too far from the yard. In that case, you may use the third-party inspectors who will check the vehicle for you. Of course, their service will cost you extra money but in my opinion, the inspection service is worth it especially if you are trying to buy an expensive vehicle.

Finally, my experience buying Enhance Vehicles…

I always bought Copart vehicles from nearby yards for three primary reasons: No wait time, low transportation cost, and chance to visit and check the vehicles.

I bought many “enhanced vehicles” from Copart but I checked most of them before auctions. As a result, 90% of them did not have any mechanical problems (maybe just minor issues that are normal due to the nature of used cars).

The primary takeaways from this post:
  • Copart “Enhanced Vehicles” means that they may have gone through Copart’s Enhanced Services that includes vacuuming, washing, and other minor services
  • Copart offers Enhancement services to maximize the value of the vehicles that they sell.
  • There is no guarantee that Copart has performed those services on the vehicles that are labeled as “Enhanced Vehicles”
  • Enhanced Vehicles may or may not run and drive so you need to check them by visiting the yard before the auction date.
  • When you are checking Copart’s “Enhanced Vehicles”, make sure you get the keys for them and crank them up to listen to the engine sound.
  • If you are located too far from the vehicle, you can use Copart’s Third-Party Inspectors who will inspect the cars for extra fees.

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3 replies on “What is a Copart Enhanced Vehicle and How to Check It?”

I love this, just bought one without checking but am hoping it comes out clean. It could not run and drive tho. Would have been great if you added the type of sound you will have to hear to be okay to buy the car

Great insight from here. I won one enhanced car recently, It looked great but I couldn’t meet the reserve price. I didn’t want to commit extra money to it because I didn’t know if it will run or not. My question is, Will Copart add run and drive if an enhanced car runs and drive?

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