Why Google Cloud Hosting is the Best Option

Before trying to select the best hosting option in a specific country, we should try to find the one that is considered the best globally. In other words, a hosting option that is known to be safe, secure, cost-effective, and reliable globally will be the best hosting option in that country as well.

Our experience and expertise in the web development business encountered several challenges and transformational ideas. I spent endless hours researching hosting providers. And on top of that, I spent that many hours experimenting with them. And our final selection was Google Cloud Hosting.


The name Google explains everything. No matter you are attempting to set up a website for the first time or you are already an experienced web developer, you need to host your website with a reliable company. The company that will ensure the safety and security of your content, prevent outages, and protect your webpage from ever-growing cyber threats.

Google Cloud Hosting offers top-notch service that can give peace of mind 24/7 because of the following reasons:

Reputable company

Google is an already established company and they care about maintaining its integrity rather than solely focusing on profitability. In other words, as a reputable company, Google cares about its functional as well as ethical duties.

Physical Data Centers and Virtual Machines (VMs)

Google has numerous physical servers (data centers) as well as virtual machines (VMs) all over the world. It is good for two reasons: Firstly, you can select the data center that is closer to you. Secondly, a high number of servers keep the web files secure and prevent unexpected outages.

Pay for what you use

Although Google Cloud Hosting is a bit expensive compared to the prices of shared hosting, it is still cheaper than most cloud hosting services. Because you get a variety of services, security tools, and peace of mind by hosting with Google. More importantly, you pay for the compute time you use, so it produces zero wastage.

Leading companies put their trust in it

Globe’s top companies such as Coca-Cola, Philips, Sony music, HSBC, Spotify are already using Google cloud hosting while some are planning to migrate their websites soon. Our logic is that if reputable companies use it, why should not we use it as the best hosting.

Are there any other alternatives?

Yes, shared hosting plans provided by BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, Hostinger, or Inmotion will be good alternatives. However, shared hosting is only suitable for small and experimental websites since they are considered insecure. The good thing about them is that they cost only a few dollars per month.

Cheap pricing, however, comes with limitations. More specifically, here are some of the reasons why I do not like shared hosting:

– Shared hosting providers store Hundreds of websites together. Even if your files are clean, other’s malicious files can infect your database. Similarly, if one of the websites is under attack, yours will be too.

– Frequent outages. No one likes websites with errors. Even if web developers do their best, they do not have total control over shared hosting servers. They can crash if one of the stored websites gets too much traffic

– Low safety and security. Almost all web developers will agree that shared hosting plans are insecure. Because attackers can easily access the servers and steal your sensitive data.

– Has no long-term benefits. As mentioned previously, shared hosting will be a “low-cost” alternative for beginners or professionals to do some experiments. However, if your goal is to grow as a business, you need to select Google’s cloud hosting as other reputable companies do.

– Poor customer service. Because shared hosting plans are sometimes offered by middleman known as resellers who cares a little (if any) about customer success. Resellers are more focused on profitability than customer support. Additionally, they get into the middle of the shared hosting provider and the client and eliminates the clients’ chance to receive professional support directly from a shared hosting provider. Thus, I strongly recommend against using shared hosting from resellers.

To remedy the issues of shared hosting, people may either use Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as those options give developers control over their virtual space fully without sharing it with other websites.

VPSs also share the same server with other websites but they separate the resources of each website. To get a clear grasp of this issue, simply visualize a server as two store building. When you buy VPS hosting, you own one of the two floors, not a room as the case in shared hosting.

Dedicated servers are even better because by purchasing them, you are not just getting a room or floor but you are getting the whole building. You can manage it however you want.

Final Conclusion

I strongly believe Google Cloud Hosting is the best cloud hosting option in terms of reliability, speed, security, customer service, and pricing. Currently, technological innovations are orbiting cloud services. To go with the technological trends, I recommend using cloud hosting as an option to grow your business. And sustain that growth on a long-term basis.

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