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Will a 14-lb. Bowling Ball float in the water? – See with your own eyes.

Before watching this experiment, you have to know basic information about bowling balls.

Basic Info about Bowling Balls.


If you have ever played bowling, you should know how heavy a bowling ball is. An average adult bawling ball weighs about 14 pounds (7.26 kg).

Earlier times, bowling balls were made of Lignum Vitae, which is a dense hardwood. But, beginning of 20th century, bowling balls were produced using a hard rubber. Now let’s move on to answer our initial question.

Will a 14-pound bowling ball float in the water?

See the answer with your own eyes. Erik Trinidad throws a bowling ball into the Dead Sea to see if the bowling ball floats in the water or not.

Answer: Yes, a 14-pound bowling ball will float only in the Dead Sea waters.

Simple science to explain why Bowling ball floats in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea contains 31% natural salt in its waters. This makes the Dead Sea waters 24 % denser than ordinary water.

There is another guy, who tested the uniqueness of Dead See by simply putting a large piece of rock on his belly and floating easily on his back.

It made me think that the Dead Sea could be a good place for those who can’t swim.

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