10 Praying Mantis Facts

These 10 praying mantis facts were gathered because they are one of the well-known insects around the world. Praying mantis has an interesting name. Their name is consists of two separate words: Praying – because these insects have bent front legs, and they hold them as if they are praying. The second word, mantis, means prophet or fortune teller in Greek. Although praying mantis looks like a skinnier version of grasshoppers, these two insects belong to different species.

Praying mantis

Here are the 10 praying mantis facts:


1. Praying Mantis is a carnivorous insect with a very large appetite.

2. They can turn their triangular head 180 degrees.

3. During the mating, a female mantis eats a male’s head. This bizarre process called sexual cannibalism.  Nobody knows why, but some suggest that it is because the protein in a male body helps a female to grow her eggs.

Praying Mantis Sexual Canibalism.

4. When small mantises hatch, they look like their parents, like tiny copies.

5. Mantis has excellent eyesight and can see up to 18 meters (60 feet) away.

7. They are not dangerous creatures (at least for humans), and their average life expectancy is about 12 months.

8. Praying mantis keeps front legs folded in front of the muzzle

9. Most of the time, people confuse praying mantis with stick insects. However, These two insects belong to different species.

stick insect

10. Early civilizations, such as Ancient Greece and Egypt, believed that praying mantis have supernatural power.

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