35 Fun Facts about Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a famous fiction book that narrates the life experience of an orphan boy called Harry Potter. Harry is a young boy who is chosen from birth to become a good wizard.

To share the most interesting information about Harry Potter, I have listed 35 amazing facts. You might have known some of these facts about Harry Potter previously, but some of them will surprise you for sure. 

  • J. K. Rowling is a modern English writer who authored famous book series about the wizard boy Harry Potter. The author came up with the idea of Harry Potter while she was traveling on a train from Manchester to London in 1991. 
  • The birthday of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling is on the same day-31 of July.
  • Glasses are Daniel Radcliffe’s favorite props. No wonder they had sunk into Daniel’s heart. During the filming, he “demolished” 160 pairs in total.
  • It turns out that the name of the main villain, Lord Voldemort is pronounced incorrectly. The letter “t” in the name of the Dark Lord “is silent”. So, it would be correct to call him Voldemore.
  • Education at Hogwarts is free. Rowling made this message when one of the portals tried to calculate the cost of an annual stay of one student (it turned out to be a decent amount – more than 43 thousand dollars a year).
  • In all the episodes where Ron, Harry, and Hermione were doing homework, they were actually doing their homework.
  • The actress who played Myrtle is not a schoolgirl. Shirley Henderson was 36 when she played a 14-year-old student in the “Secret room”.
  • Unusual brooms were used in a movie. Pierre Bohanna made them from titanium, a material is used in aviation.
  • The director of “The Prisoner of Azkaban” Alfonso Cuaron asked Harry, Hermione, and Ron to write essays about their characters. Dan wrote a one-page, Emma – ten, and Rupert didn’t write anything. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rupert said, “I didn’t do the task because I decided that Ron wouldn’t have done it either. That was my excuse. At that moment, I was very busy with homework and preparing for exams”. 
  • Actors were not allowed to play a contact sport, because it was not safe. For this reason, in their free time, the actors played Golf.
  • Jokers Fred and George Wesley were born on April Fools’ Day. 
  • In the book, Harry Potter’s eyes are green, but Daniel Radcliffe’s are not green. At the beginning of filming, he wore green lenses, but because of a bad reaction to them, he could not wear them.
  • Tom Felton initially tried to audition for the role of Harry Potter and Ron. Instead, he got the role of Draco.
  • Both Radcliffe and Grint admitted that they had a crush on Watson on the set of the first films.
  • Dementors do not reproduce but grow like mushrooms where there are decay and decomposition.
  • When Arthur Weasley takes Harry and his friends to the Ministry of magic, they must first dial the secret code on the phone panel. He enters the numbers 62442. The letters below these numbers on a standard mobile phone keyboard give the word “magic”.
  • Thanks to JK Rowling, there is a new game in the world — Quidditch.
  • The word “Muggle”, which in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter refers to people who do not have magical abilities, entered the Oxford dictionary in 2002.
  • From June 2016 to June 2017, J.K. Rowling earned $95 million — she took third place in the list of the highest-paid celebrities in the world. Forbes listed her ahead of Drake ($94 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($93 million).
  • Each Harry Potter film is among the 50 highest-grossing films in history.
  • JK Rowling says that the idea to write a book about Harry Potter crept into her head when she was waiting for a train that was four hours late.
  • During the filming, Daniel Radcliffe broke more than 80 “magic wands” because he used them as drumsticks.
  • Colleagues on the set called Daniel Radcliffe Harry Puffer-for the fact that he smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day.
  • Did anyone notice that the Dementors never attacked Ron?
  • During the filming of the last film, Maggie Smith battled breast cancer. However, she played anyways because she didn’t want to upset fans.
  • All the books in Dumbledore’s office are old reference books.
  • Dumbledore is an old English word for bumblebee. Rowling says that this name is very suitable for the head of Hogwarts, because “one of his Hobbies is music, and I imagined him walking and buzzing under his nose.”
  • Four faculties at Hogwarts correspond to the four elements: Gryffindor – fire, Ravenclaw – air, Hufflepuff – earth, Slytherin – water.
  • Most of the scenes at Hogwarts were filmed in the halls of Oxford University.
  • Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, constantly dragged sweets and rolls from the buffet onset. In the end, they sewed up his pockets so that he was not distracted.
  • Everything that was made for the shooting, from costumes to sets, occupies five huge warehouses today.
  • Hermione’s Patronus is an otter because Rowling likes otters and sees herself in Hermione.
  • Rowling named the driver and conductor on the bus “Night knight” in honor of his grandfathers, Ernie and Stanley. 
  • Now, Harry Potter, or Daniel Radcliff, is filming in many well-known movies. He was honored with 2,565th star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • If JK Rowling will write the eighth book about Potter, it will be an encyclopedia of the wizarding world. The book will include stories about all the characters that are not included in the books.

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